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Fun forms!
Fun Forms!
Fun Forms!

🐿 Yes, that's right. It's a chipmunk emoji. You think it's a squirrel, but it's a chipmunk. I checked.

What does it represent in the picture? Well, it represents the latest and greatest oak middleware framework for Deno of course.

You're confused? Here's some backstory why I decided to make Fun Forms! ...

After using formspree.io for the suggestion box of v0.01 okeric.com, I figured it was time to give it an upgrade. Aaaaand the contents of the site too.


v0.01 of okeric.com

No longer was I going to have a site with just a suggestion box. There would be one + many more pages ... and a suggestion box. Gotta raise the bar low to get high.

I started by re-designing my website with Figma. Built it all with vanilla html + css because simplicity rocks and so does loading speed. After dancing around with other fun projects, like here and here, it was time to build the suggestion box.

Not impressed by the 50 submissions per month limit on formspree.io's free tier, I decided to build my own free tier. With 50+ submissions a month 🤯. How many free submissions exactly? ... continue reading to find out.


formspree.io limits me to ~50 spam submissions a month. Why not more?

Having built production-quality serverless APIs from experience, it was time to build my own. One with lesser quality but also less consequential and fun to build.

After surveying the landscape of serverless technologies, I ended up with:

What does that all mean for a developer like me? Well, here are the benefits:

  • Writing it in Deno means zero configs. Goodbye 👋 package.json and node_modules
  • Worldwide deployment in less than 10s. Push to GitHub, deployed. Deno Deploy is edge first - I'll receive your spam submissions super fast
  • Google forms? nah. Fully managed database with spreadsheet view in browser? yah. Where's my Drake meme at? I get that with Supabase, plus more.

And the moment you've been waiting for ... 🥁

How many submissions can Fun Forms! take?

About 100,000 per day.

That's my free tier.

All of that is to say, I made a suggestion box that looks about the same as before.

Feel free to give Fun Forms! a try. I hope you are just as impressed as before.